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Bespoke Embroidered Cushion

This design has been created using both hand and machine embroidery techniques, made with 100% cotton-velvet, as a reversible cushion design. Made with 100% Rayon threads and Tencel yarn detailing. Hand felted merino wool and 'SeaCell' backing. Reclaimed and recycled fabrics filling.

Copper Developmental Samples

Experimental surface techniques, exploring how salt and vinegar and heat react with the copper.

Expantex Wallpaper Design

Dispersed dyed Cotton Barkweave with Expantex printed surface. Pattern and texture inspired by initial photography of seafoam.

Abigail Rose Murray

I am a Multi-media textile design graduate, with a love for the natural world. I specialise in translating organic textures and patterns into contemporary designs for a multitude of environments through embroidery, fabric manipulation and surface design techniques.

‘Hydro-react’ is my final year project following ‘Into The Shell’, a continuing study of our seas and oceans. This collection represents the movement of water, its reflective quality and how it reacts to both natural and artificial stimuli, being light and pollution, inspired by how the development of modern industries caused havoc to our oceans and their inhabitants.

During August 2020, breaking out of the summer Covid-19 lockdown, I spent a large majority of my time by the beach. Walking along the North Norfolk coast and enjoying the atmosphere and landscape. It was the first time I felt inspired after my creative motivation was hindered due to the challenges presented with the ongoing pandemic. This helped formulate the narrative for the project.

The theory upon manufacturing the final collection was focused on hand-crafted products, in conjunction with using recycled elements and techniques and materials correlated to the theme, including ‘SeaCell’ Fibre Top and Tencel yarn. In combination, recycled copper has been used and given a natural patina through a salt and vinegar mixture. The outcome of this collection was to create an assortment of hand-made metal designs, prints, fabric manipulation and embroidery to suit interior spaces that are looking for organic hand-crafted pieces.

Final year project



2020 exhibited at Première Vision Paris