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Projection onto Fabric

This is the swaying moss spore capsules (see youtube link) projected onto fabric to test the quality of the video and how it interacts with the weave of the material.

Projection of 3D Animated Moss onto Fabric

This is an image of a 3D rendered Moss animation (see youtube links) projected onto fabric to test the quality of the picture.

Boucle Jacquard Sample

The jacquard on the right is a double cloth using boucle and blue mercerised cotton so I could see how much I needed to adjust the size. The paper cutting on the left shows the new scale for when it will be woven out.

Blender Animation Still

This is a still of a work in progress blender animation (see youtube link) with the spiral leaves growing with a sweeping motion.

Abi Porter

My passion to learn digital led techniques drives every part of my design process from the visual research to the final product.

This project explores how symbiotic organisms, such as lichen and moss, depend on one another just as we as humans do. During the Covid 19 pandemic, it has become obvious that we need and crave a connection to other humans and when this is restricted or taken away, we no longer thrive, only survive. Similarly, lichen and moss depend on the right climate and conditions in order to thrive and spread. This project aims to bring together the beauty of those symbiotic organisms and create four separate spaces in which people can connect with them.

Symbiotic Structures incorporates multiple digital processes including embroidery, laser, jacquard, 3D animation and projection. It aims to create an environment in which people can de-stress and become immersed in the moving animations around them. The moving print animations will provide visual stimulation for the brain whilst allowing the viewer to unwind in a quiet environment.

I have enjoyed learning 3D software to create animations as well as using my existing digital skills to create this final project. I would love to continue using digital processes in my future career in the textile industry. Please view my portfolio website to see the final pieces from this project.

Final year project

Symbiotic Structures

Work Experience

Skinnydip - My main duties were to assist the other designers by creating/editing designs and creating flat lays. I also carried out various smaller tasks to assist and understand the workings of the department. All work was done through Illustrator, so I learnt a lot more about the software and how it can be used for mood boards, specs and designing. Overall it was a great experience and learning opportunity for me to see how a growing company functions and develops its brand and also how they deal with collaborations with larger companies.

Tatty Devine - I mainly worked with the Creative Director and Design Assistant. I mainly helped design jewellery on Illustrator under the team’s guidance for their SS20 Bloom Boom collection as well as other smaller projects. The internship helped me further my Illustrator skills and designing for the laser cutter as well as my social and team skills. I feel very fortunate to have been a part of the collection and the process.

London Embroidery Studio - My main roles were to assist the designers by doing general studio tasks; setting up machines; sewing pieces together using both hand and machine skills and producing final products under the designer’s guidance. Overall, my experience was good, and I’m pleased that I could see how the company fulfilled client orders. It definitely taught me new ideas and also gave me experience in using big embroidery machines, something I hadn’t done previously.